Sonic Diaspora heads to the College of William & Mary on 10/17/2014

Brotha Onaci takes Sonic Diaspora to the 757 during the College of William and Mary's homecoming!

Trans∆itions: A Summer-Fall Mixtape

Brotha Onaci drops a new mixtape just in time for the transition from summer to fall. As is typical with the Sonic DJs, this mix resists the boundaries of genre and encourages listeners to journey across the globe. Including music from Ego Ella May, 7even Thirty, Muhsinah, Kendrick Lamar, our good friend DJ Limbs and more, it embraces a diaspora of sound that will surely have your head nodding and feet tapping.

Heart Healers Presents SONIC DIASPORA

Heart Healers proudly presents Sonic Diaspora. During this special event DJ Kofa and Brotha Onaci will take you on a tour of African music stretching from the Mother Land to Europe, Brazil, Columbia, the Caribbean, and the United States. They will present traditional tunes, as well as Tropical Bass, Afrobeat, Hiplife, House, Samba, HIp Hop and more. 

Resistance to rhythmic gyration will prove futile! Bring your dancing shoes and a couple-few friends. Your mother and your lil cousins will also feel right at home as we journey around the world through music.

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5E Art Gallery
4605 Cass Ave

Some Pictures from Owambe at Odunde 2014

The Odunde Festival in Philadelphia is always the highlight of my summer. I am grateful for getting the opportunity to participate in it with my family from Tropicalismo and WorldTown. Whether we host DJ Zhoa, or kick it home team DJs like DJ Lil'Dave of Illvibe Collective and Eavesdrop Radio, the time is always well spent and the music is exquisite.

In the spirit of spreading some Odunde love, here are some pics i was able to collect! If you happen to be in Philly any given 1st Sunday in June, i definitely recommend that you swing by South St. and 23rd to experience the beauty of this event.

Blessings & Love,

Brotha Onaci

Sonic Diaspora Represents at Odunde Festival -----> #Owambe

When?   Sunday, June 9 from 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Where? 23rd Street and Naudain (between South St & Lombard)

Special Guest     ----> Lil'Dave (Illvibe Collective & Record Breakin' Music)
Usual Suspects   ----> Brotha Onaci // Juanderful // Oluwafemi + Y.O.U.

The Odunde African Heritage Festival is Philly's premier cultural event of the summer, bringing tens of thousands of people to 12 city blocks in Graduate Hospital. Celebrating Africa and the African Diaspora, Odunde is filled with music, dancers, performers, vendors, and food.

For the 4th year running, #OWAMBE will be bringing you African global rhythms from Nigeria, Mali, and Angola to Colombia, Trinidad, and Brazil, and beyond! This is a family event, and we always appreciate the smiles, hugs, spontaneous drumming, waves, and (of course) dance moves from toddlers, teens, young adults, and elders. Be a part of this community of Beauty and Love. Join us at Odunde!

Check out pics from last year.

Sonic Diaspora Mixtape Vol. 10

Sonic Diaspora celebrates 3 years of connecting people to the sounds of Africa and its vast diaspora! Starting in Chicago at the Butterfly Social Club in May 2011, the Sonic D concept has spread and the team has grown. In name or in spirit, the party has been in DC, Philly, Brooklyn and elsewhere as the Sonic DJs travelled and reached new audiences. Supporters have included Chief Boima & Geko Jones (Dutty Artz),DJs Beto & Ushka (iBomba), Maracuyeah, DJ Underdog, Jah Sonic, Ben Arsenal and Mr. Femstar (WorldTown), DJ Senyo (Swenka), Tropicalismo, DuiJi 13, DrewCool, Record Breakin’ Music, and more!
In commemoration and commitment to the concept (connecting people to the sounds of the African world), the Sonic Diaspora DJs put together a 97 minute mix that takes listeners on a journey across 4 continents and innumerable cultures.Itzi Nallah gets things going with an eclectic mix futuristic, house, Afrobeat vibes and more. The newest Sonic DJ, Punchaushen, takes us to his home, South Africa. His blend of township sounds will have you moving uncontrollably. Itch 13 reminds us how important the Caribbean is as a connector of peoples, cultures, and sounds. Then afroqbano explores deep and hypnotic rhythms stretching from Brazil to Réunion Island, including some of his latest remixes. Finally, Brotha Onaci closes with a small sampling of music meant to liberate your body and uplift your soul.
Enjoy this mix as we say Happy 3rd Anniversary to Sonic Diaspora! Big s/o to Beshou (@LaBeautifulMess on Twitter) & Kate Bomz (@KateBomz on Twitter) who have contributed greatly to the Sonic D family. Most importantly, thanks to YOU for showing so much support over these last 3 years. We look forward to bringing you more Sonic goodies as we move forward!
01. Mating Dance – “Flako”
02. EL, Dex Kwasi and Stargo – “Wawolo” (Julz Remix)
03. Full Crate ft. Papa Ghana – “L’Afrique”
04. Sali Sidibe´ – “Dunia Djamou” (Jose Marquez Remix)
05. Homeboyz Muzik – “African Central Soul”
06. Fela Kuti – “Shakara” (Ossie’s Bump Edit)
07. London Afrobeat Collective – “Prime Minister” (Captain Planet Remix)
08. Justin Imperiale/ Eddie Nicholas – “Fall in Love” (3 Kings Café Leroux Instrumental)
09. Twinny Tee/Ma V – “Musujungihala” (Deep Sound Crew Remix)
10. O-KA-Pi – “Bolingo” (African Roots Remix)
11. DJ Sailorman – “Afurika” (Instrumental)
12. Reebah – “Amadlozi” (Deep Night Project)
13. Flipo – “Doh Tell Me Dat”
14. Bunji Garlin – “It’s a Carnival”
15. Blatan – “Indebuilding”
16. Bradez – “Wossop”
17. Mpeach & Sunsplash – “Boogaloo Mutante”
18. Sango – “Tres Horas”
19. Lx Monkeys Beats – “Hwambo”
20. Owiny Sigoma Band – “Wires” (Theo Parish Remix)
21. Voukoum – “Dériv’”
22. JM EDITS – “Fela” (JM edit) (water no enemy)
23. Buju Banton – “Champion” (afroqbano remix)
24. Sono Rhizmo’ – “O Telefono”
25. Jackson do Pandeiro – “Capoeira Mata Um” (Tahira – Buraco Velho Edit)
26. Umoja – “Fiya!”
27. Cantigas de Capoeira – “Eu naci foi de repente” (afroqbano edit)
28. Lindigo – “Buffalony”
29. Mariem Hassan – “Haiyu” (Brotha Onaci edit)
30. Meiway – “200% Zoblazo” (Brotha Onaci edit)
31. Farmer Nappy – “Big People Party”
32. Alpha & Olmega – “Talk of the Drum”

Dance Syndrome: Sonic Diaspora vs. Soulphonetics

Sonic Diaspora parties are on fall break for the most part but you can catch our DJs in action here and there around Chicago, Philly & DC.

Oct 26 in Chicago our guys will be facing off for a Halloween throwdown with the Soulphonetics crew at Taxim and we'd love to see you there. Details below.

:: GlobalBass :: Digital Cumbia :: Future Dancehall :: Goodness



Come and experience a night where your mind, body and soul will be throbbing and wanting more as we take you through the latin influenced experience of total coolness...

#Latin Jazz #Samba #Bossa #Break Beats #Baile Funk #Salsa Dura #Batucada #Afro Beat #Disco #Deep House #Cumbia #Dub #Reggae #Reggaeton #Tropical Bass #Carioca Funk #Moombahton #Hip-Hop #NuCumbia #Boogie #Bugaloo #Bass #EDM #World #Global #Goodness 

Facebook event

DUB DIS & Afroqbano at the Shrine this Friday!

This Friday at The Shrine in Chicago, celebrate the World Music Festival with Afroqbano (Sonic Diaspora) & Dub Dis.
Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Global Bass, Kuduro, Cumbias........ Sonic Joints!!!!

No Cover!

The Shrine
2109 S. Wabash, CHICAGO
Facebook Event


Sonic Diaspora vs. iBomba LAMC after-party NYC!

We couldn't be more excited to reunite our entire DJ crew (representing Chicago/NYC/Philly) in NY for the first time and to do it alongside NYC's venerable iBomba duo (DJ's Beto & Ushka). If you've got friends in New York, let em know!

It'll be a great fusion of Africa Latina sounds in an intimate space as Sonic Diaspora crew throws down vs iBomba fam. An afterhours gathering for folks of the LAMC gathering as well. Gratis, 10pm-4am. Facebook details here.

Sonic Diaspora Chicago feat. Brotha Onaci

After a spring re-launch party and a BBQ outing we're settling back into Coup d'Etat (of the Shrine) for our monthly Sonic Diaspora - Chicago residency.

June 28th our founding DJ, Brotha Onaci, will be in town to liberate the turntables. Since moving from Chicago Brotha Onaci has been spreading Sonic D love all along the East coast - help us give him a warm welcome home!

NO Cover and FREE OPEN BAR 1st hour with RSVP:

Special Guest:
// BROTHA ONACI (Philadelphia)

With Residents:


Photos by:
// Nia Photography

Vending by:
// Limba Gal

// Planet Rock Jewelers

▲▲ 21+, Space is accessible, plenty of parking. $7 beer + shot special. We'll have merch, vendors, smilin faces and bangin beats of Africa & the diaspora of course. 

Sonic Diaspora Presents: Africana Endless Summer Series in Washington, DC

Are you ready for Africana Summer?

Beautiful People,

I'm happy to announce that Sonic Diaspora is back for the summer. We're hosting ourAfricana Endless Summer Series day parties at Sankofa. Our kick off party
is this Sunday 5.12 and every other Sunday after that. We're there from 2:00pm-8:00pm.
What should you expect?
  • DJs from ATL, CHI-Town, NY, Philly, and DC.
  • Libations to quench your thirst
  • Positive Vibes
  • Occasional Surprises
  • Summer Block Party to close out the summer
  • FREE - yes, it's free all summer long.
I ask that you come out and share this with your friends, lovers, families and enjoy our Africana Summer Series. Oh, I thoroughly expect you all to dance.

Below is the flyer with more details. Please plan your summer accordingly :)

-- La Beautiful Mess

Sonic Diaspora Chicago - the Spring Return

We're very excited to announce the spring return of Sonic Diaspora at Coup d'Etat (Chicago) featuring dance cuts from Africa & the diaspora.

The magic date is Friday, April 26th, 9pm-2am with free Open Bar the first hour for a special welcome back.

Resident DJs:
// ITCH13

With guests:
// RUBEN JIMENEZ (percussion)

Jewelry by:
// Planet Rock Jewelers

FREE entry, FREE Open Bar first hour with RSVP at

21+, Space is accessible. Merch is back (buttons, mixtapes, posters), spread the word!

Sonic Diaspora is a celebration of popular & underground musical styles of Africa & the diaspora. Expect everything from Afrobeat, Afro-House & Global Bass to Cumbia, Future Dancehall, Hiplife, Azonto, Kwaito, Kuduro, Coupe Decale and other darling subgenres of the African underground, and arrive early!

Facebook event

Itch13 makes his way to liven up LA

Hey Los Angeles,

Sonic Diaspora has finally made it to the west coast. DJ Itch13 (Chicago/NYC) has various gigs happening this week but in particular you can catch him this Thursday, January 31st at the venerable Afro Funke jam.

Here's the long & short of it below, courtesy of the family at Afro Funke. Be sure to check out their fan page, twitter and all that goodness. Show some love!

Afro Funké
Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia,
Samba Disco, Batucada, Afro-Latin House,
Indian Beats, Makossa & other deep-rooted
Funk music from around the world


guest deejay:
(Sonic Diaspora / Gramaphone Records)
Itch13 aka Itchie Fingers is a DJ, MC, and producer from Chicago. He is now based  in Brooklyn, and has been busy trotting the globe. He's a resident of the Chicago based party Sonic Diaspora, a forward thinking bass heavy party that fuses global sounds, with a focus on Africa and the diaspora, akin to Afrofunke. He has a voracious appetite for music and is always looking for fresh sounds. Hip-Hop to the core, but also a man with eclectic taste, you may hear house, rock, reggae, disco, funk, soul, pop, latin, drum n bass, dubstep and many other styles in his sets, but he will be bringing the Sonic Diaspora aesthetic to the dancefloor at Afrofunke. Check out some of his music at,, and find out about upcoming events on facebook. And, of course, check out

resident deejay: JEREMY SOLE
(KCRW / TheLift / Musaics)

resident deejay:

(Afro Funke' / Eclectica)

host / co:founder:
"Hymns for the Rebel Soul" on ITunes!

afro funke' co:founder, booker, photographer & producer:

Afro Funke' Thursdays

1301 5th Street @ Arizona
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.451.2221 / 21+ (EVERYONE must have ID)
9pm - 2am / $7 before 10:30pm - $10 after

Please bring cash or there is ATM in building)

Long Live Afropop!: Oliver Mtukudzi & The Black Spirits in Philadelphia

Saturday, January 12, 2013 | 8pm
Zimbabwe’s Afropop Legend Oliver ‘TUKU’ Mtukudzi and The Black Spirits Concert and Dance Party


Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi, now 60 years old, lands in Philadelphia this January with his band the Black Spirits for the first time as part of his seventeen-city North American tour. He will share his 2012 release Sarawoga which marks his 57th record release. He will also perform greatest hits and fan favorites from his prolific song-writing career including Hear Me Lord(Covered by Bonnie Raitt). With a deep, gusty voice, and vivacious stage energy, Tuku’s following has grown across Africa and abroad. Heralded for incorporating elements of different musical traditions across Africa, Mtukudzi’s distinctive style is known to fans as “Tuku Music.”

Just added DJ trio offers patrons an opportunity to explore an even broader spectrum of popular music culture from the African Diaspora. DJs Lil’ Dave and Junior co-host Eavesdrop Radio, a weekly program WKDU 91.7 FM. Junior mixes indie hip-hop, house, broken beat and Afrobeat while spreading the music on his boutique label Record Breakin’ Music. A member of Illvibe Collective, Lil’ Dave is a producer and tastemaker of Afrobeat, as well as house, brazilia, acid jazz, funk and UK-inspired rare groove. Recommended by Rich Medina, Brotha Onaci considers himself a turntable liberationist, is an educator and co-founder of both the People’s DJ Collective and Sonic Diaspora, a dance party using African sounds to connect people from all over the world.

Debo Band This Week in DMV and Philly!

 In collaboration with Sonic Diaspora

"Debo Band is charged up on a beguiling mix of riotous energy and sinuous swing." – NPR 

"Boston-based Debo Band has caught fire of late with one of the finest post-Ethiopiques presentations of modern Ethiopian jazz." – The Huffington Post

Debo Band is a 11-member group led by Ethiopian-American saxophonist Danny Mekonnen and fronted by charismatic vocalist Bruck Tesfaye. Since their inception in 2006, the band has won critical acclaim for their groundbreaking take on Ethiopian pop music (think Ethiopiques), which incorporates traditional scales and vocal styles, alongside American soul and funk rhythms, and instrumentation reminiscent of Eastern European brass bands. Debo have toured Ethiopia twice, appearing at both the Ethiopian Music Festival in Addis Ababa and Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar, the largest music festival in East Africa. In North America, they’ve shared stages with Gogol Bordello, Amadou & Mariam, Grupo Fantasma, The Family Stone and Ethiopian great Tilahun Gessesse.

For press and music see:

YouTube Debo Band Album Stream

Sonic Diaspora Featured on MyAfricaIs

Check out the Sonic Diaspora crew as featured on MyAfricaIs. This gives some information about how why we do the party and what we hope will come from it.

Be sure to keep up with the MyAfricaIs crew and DONATE to their organization if you want to see more great videos.

(Click the picture to view the video)

Sonic Diaspora + Serengeti Crossing Release Party

Brotha Onaci + DJ Underdog
Wednesday 10/3
Patty Boom Boom (1359 U St. NW, DC)
21+ No Cover

Follow us on Twitter:
@Sonic_Diaspora or #SonicDiaspora

Connect with Brotha Onaci

Connect with DJ Underdog

Serengeti Crossing Mixtape | DJ Underdog & Brotha Onaci

Brotha Onaci and DJ Underdog are two tastemakers who cross various planes to deliver good music. Their collaborative project, “Serengeti Crossing,” provides listeners with samples of the sounds that influenced their tastes. It presents the rhythms and melodies that continue to motivate them in their artistic elevation. This mix also foretells some of the awesome adventures the two will embark on as you let the cadence take over your body and mind. In other words, “Serengeti Crossing” is all about coming together around dope African and African-inspired music.

01. Janelle Monae - Dance or Die (featuring Saul Williams)
02. Nana Mouskouri Turn on the Sun
03. Underdog- The Blood of Troy
04. Theo Parrish- Unreleased
05. Fela - Roforofo Fight
06. Mugwante - Oh Mama Refix
07. Osunlade - Envision (Yoruba Soul Mix)
08. Liquideep - Alone (Zakes Bantwini Mix)
09. FreeTz ft Sue - Beautiful Liar
10. DJ Shuffle Maftown Boy ft Reebsh - Buyisa
11. Afrikan Roots - Conga Chant
12. Pastor Mbhobho - Ayobaness
13. DJ Killer & Nyekx feat. Lady B - Dansa
14. Motion ft Celimpilo - Kakaramba
15. Neter Supreme - Procession Of Thee Aku (Cosmic Temples Mix)

Connect with DJ Underdog

Connect with Brotha Onaci

Sonic Diaspora at Patty Boom Boom 9-12-2012

t's that time of the month again, Sonic Diaspora Wednesdays at Patty Boom Boom. 

Come as you are.
Listen to sounds that will make your heart pound (in a good way): reggae, azonto, kwaito, hi-life, soca and everything in between. 
Enjoy a rum punch or a red stripe.
Celebrate the night away!

Wed 9/12
Sonic Diaspora Wednesday
Brotha Onaci on the 1's and 2's
Patty Boom Boom
1359 U st NW - WDC
Doors at 9pm. 
No Cover.

Flyer courtesy of the good brother Dj Underdog!

Follow us on Twitter:

SummerDance After-Set at Alive One

Hey folks by popular demand we're going to do a lil after party when the SummerDance gathering ends. It'll be right down the street at Alive One & some of our global dj family will be joining us. 21+ this time but still free- come join us for drinks & dancing into the night. Details below.